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Dragon Awards

Seems VD fucked them badly, since the electorate had no idea what was coming and the vote was much easiert (cheaper) to game than the Hugos.

The funny thing is that he essentially made sure that the Dragon Award will never get the traction of the Hugo Award if the first book it is slapped on is some drivel by JCW.
Granny Tyrell

the ever difficult migration

Starting out on imzy, reminded me how much I used to love LJ and how comfy DW is by comparison, but somehow I never really managed the full migration.

I'll probably always be on LJ, but I'll try and post here more often, crossposting to LJ instead of posting there directly.
Granny Tyrell


So, as I never really managed to get my self over to tumblr, i thought I might jump on the fandom train to Imzy. I'm Nixe over there in case you'd like to connect somehow.

If I am not mistaken (which might very well be, since I only looked around for like 10 minutes), friending is not really a thing there. You join communities and talk within the groups not so much answer to someone's personal blog. Allthough you can make your blog a community.

Very nice clean design though. Ah, I don't know, I'll probably stay with LJ until it shut down. But still, maybe I'll use Imzy.

So apparently I can also invite people, so if anyone wants to come over, say so by all means.

What is very weird is that you can give money to everybody there. I mean I guess you could do that on LJ too via paid subscriptions and icon space and such...but there it is much more prominent. Not sure about how I feel about that.
Granny Tyrell

Hugo Awards

I was to busy with the little guy to involve myself much with worldcon this year. But I checked out the winners today and had a look at the list of nominations.

Nice to see that the puppies got slammed once again. I'm glad that no one swallowed Beale's bait and that the people who would have goten a nomination anyway, also got their awards.

I'm currently reading The Obelisk Gate and think Jemisin is a very deserving winner (even if I was gravitating towards Uprooted). I really have to check out some of the shorter works. It's a shame that Bitch Planet got kicked off the ballot by the puppies. I hope it got an Alfie at least. Is there any account on the Hugo Loser Party already around?
Granny Tyrell

Fuck this!!

They anulled our election! They anulled our election that went to Dumbledore over Voldemort for just 30.000 votes. Shit. And the shittiest thing is, that though there was no real tampering with the vote, so many laws were broken during the election days that as judges they basically had no choice but to anull the vote.

Fuck Austria and it's morose attitude towards laws. We make totally insane laws for everything that nobody plans on actually heeding. And then we cry if it turns out that actually it really is illegal to break the law, even in Austria and even if they are stupid laws.

Three more months of this hateful nightmare! I hate it so much.
Granny Tyrell

Oh it keeps coming

We have a preseidential race featuring Voldemort and Dumbledore (with Voldemort almost certainly winning), while back at the Hugo awards the rabid puppies once again highjacked half the ballot.
Granny Tyrell

Oh for fucks sake...

What a steaming pile of shit that election was...

Not that presidential elections are very important in Austria but the Nazi candidate got 35% and it is more than doubtfull if the second placed green candidate at 22% can actually beat him in the run off match.

So, while I'm already on the job hunt. Maybe it really is time to leave.
Granny Tyrell


So, I finally finished my Hugo nomination ballot three days before the deadline! That was some hard work. I mean there categories that besically fill themselves, but I don't read a lot of short stories and I don't care much about zines and editors and so on.

Fortunately there are a lot of great stories available online and I found stuff that was great and sure deserves a nod. But I have still read too little to claim that it was really the best of the year. Not so surprized that it was so easy for the puppy slate to dominate these categories. I hope this year will be better.

I managed to find good stuff for almost every slot, except on fancast. I just don't listen to fancasts. i nominated Welcome to the night vale and I am not quite sure it qualifies and that is it. If anyone has any recs I'd be grateful, but I think the ballot will be ok as it is. :)
Granny Tyrell

Hugo Recommendations give and take away

Hello dear flist,

It's Hugo recommendation time again until the end of march and since I got a membership for last year's Sasquan because I got caught up in the puppy affair, I really intend to use my nomination rights for all they are worth this year.

However I'm running into the usual problem. Novellas, Novellettes and short stories. I don't read the magazines, I read short stories mostly in collections and that's years after they are elligible. So any recommendations on this front?

I only have one rec for novellettes and that is really any episode from 2015 of Ellen Kushner's brilliant Tremontaine series, which is a multiauthored project hosted by serial box publishing.
While this going on my list for sure, I'm very happy for other recs.

What I do have are recs for graphic novels in case anyone is at a loss there:

There are the obvious candidates, like Saga, Ms Marvel, Thor, Rat Queens...basically the ones that were also in the race last year. There's also Neil Gaiman's Sandman Overture, which is kind of a no brainer in this category. I really want to use this last opportunity to nominate the Unwritten, by Mike Carrey. The last tome came out in 2015 and this series was pure joy. I guess too few people followed it until the end for this one to have a chance but still.
And then there are some very interesting new series:

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

A real fun stampunk comic about the title heroes. Very funny and a bit like Girl Genius. Not totally sure if it is elligible though, because it was first published as a webcomic.


This comic is just beautiful. The whole thing is done in aquarelle and the optics are to die for. And on top of it, it has good plot too. It's a story about a robot/human war and from what I seein these first issues , it is like Fixit Fic for BSGs stupid cylon "plan" plot.

Bitch Planet

A bit like Orange is the new Black, but set in a patriarchal dystopia, where women go to a prison planet if they don't conform to horrific stereotypes. I love it! It's made of win. And it made me cry at the end of the third issue. If I could only nominate only one thing this year it would absolutely be Bitch Planet.

So anyone up for throwing around recs (of course every cathegory is welcome)?