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Doctor Who - The Voyage of the Damned

WOW, I didn't realize how bad my Doctor Who withdrawal has been until now. I just saw the Christmas special and it was just all the squee coming back to me. Sarah Jane was nice and all, even brilliant in the last four episodes, but the Doctor is just the best. I'm so in love with this show!

This is not going to be much of a review, since I'm far to happy to be objective in any way. I just sat there and adored it. It was fun, plot, drama, everything. David Tennant is so amazingly expressive. I missed the guy, really.
The spaceship Titanic was awesome and there were the killer angels, taking off their halos to throw them around like Xena, how cool is that?

What I did not get was the dialog the Doctor had with Alonso about his name? What was special about it? *Feels undereducated*

It was so brilliant how London was deserted on Christmas, due to past catastrophes. Also the old man talking Christmas traditions was so much fun.  I wonder, if we're going to see him again. His knowledge about earth is going to make his life quite interesting, I should think. I'd love to see him on Sarah Jane, he would definitely fit with the crowd.

Heh, no better way to spend a nice and quiet Christmas holiday than snuggled up with cute boyfriend, watching Doctor Who.

With the file came a trailer for the next season. It looks like, we're in for a great season once more. I'll have to invite my little (but growing) bunch of local Who-nerds over to watch them every week.
There was also a trailer for Torchwood, with some shots of JM, I had not yet seen. This is going to be so good *rubs hands*.
Ok ,Torchwood could have been far better in the first season, but they still can be in the second. Obviously Martha is going to make an appearance. I'm looking forward to see her interact with the Torchwooders, hopefully she'll get some of the Doctor's attitude into them. And hey, they got an evil James Marsters kissing Captain Jack. I still wonder how that came to happen,  the only way I can think of is that some fangirl got a wish granted by a fairy  or vengeance demon.

The funny thing about the Who fandom is, that it makes me feel like a total newbie. I've only seen the new seasons and know nothing of the old stuff. There is so much of the older Who stuff, that I don't even know where to start. I also read that some new episodes are based on old Who novels. I'd love to read those. Can anyone recommend something?
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