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Angel - After the fall #1

So, now I finally got around reading it , now what's there to say:
So, let's start with the outsides: First, IDW is using much better paper than Darkhorse. I'm not the person to treat comics like collectors items. I want to read them, so I'm very grateful, if they don't come apart all that easily.
The cover art by Tony Harris is also pretty shiny, with the upstanding hair and everything :)
Now the Artwork of Franko Urru. I fear, I can't say I'm to happy about it. I love the dynamics and how he does the monsters, but while I think, he did a pretty nice Spike on Asylum, most of the characters in "After the Fall" are not terribly recognizable. He gets Angel pretty well, but I could identify Wesley for example only by the context. Same goes for Nina, Connor and Gwen. And why did Nina wear so few clothes. For Gwen the comic-supergirl style fits nicely, but on Nina it seems a little off.
The Background was lacking in details at least for my taste. But then I rarely read US-comicbooks and they tend to invest much more in the background in franko-belgium-comics. 

Ok, so much for the surface, now how about the plot: Ok, I guess the stuff they did here is quite controversial, because it practically creates a totally new setting with LA gone to hell. I love that. They just went and made it real huge, not trying to please everybody at the same time, but creating something new. And I also love, what they did to the characters. So Angel  is back to saving people, riding a Dragon and haunted by Ghost-Wesley, who's W&H contract is still valid. I've read about Wesley, as a ghost in so many fanfics, that it hardly comes as a surprise, but that doesn't make me like the idea any less. May or may not be evil Wesley is brilliant and I hope they keep him around.
Then there is Vampire-Gunn. I like that idea too, especially since it poses a lot of questions. Who sired him? Was it one of the vamps he fought and he was already vamped by the end of S5? Or was it Spike or Angel to keep him from dying. If they had seen Wesley and had known, that if he died, he would be tied to W&H, making him a vamp might be the lesser of two evils. Very Interesting.
Connor and the superchicks...not so much. I never really got to like Nina, and Halfwolf-Nina really isn't helping. But we haven't seen much of them so far, might still turn out interesting.
All in all, it's a very good start and I can't wait for #2 to see, what became of Spike.
Tags: angel, brian lynch, comics, joss whedon

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