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For the sake of Caprica - trying to put the BSG timeline together

Ok, I don't feel like watching BSG again and my memory is pretty fraying, so I was wondering if the BSG savvy people on my flist could help with untying the gordic knot the timeline of the first cylon war makes in my head, pretty please?

I'll keep this spoilerfree for Caprica

Ok, so what do we know about the timeline from BSG? (All from memory, so I might remember some things completely wrong)

The cylons were invented as slaves and rebelled. Then while they fought humanity, the final five arrived and traded with the centurions. Peace with humanity for resurrection tech. Then they built Cavil and the skin jobs. They rebelled too and banned the final five to the colonies, where they blew up (not), once the second cylon war started.

Ok, so what about Saul? In the first two seasons, Adama and he refer to the first cylon war as if they were comrades in arms?

Do cylons age? How could Adama not notice that Saul didn't?

So what did I get wrong here?

Someone helpful made a visual timeline here  but I still don't get the how the Tigh sitation can work.
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