flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Caprica 1.04 - Gravedancing

I continue to love this show.

Interesting episode again. For Zoe nothing much happened except she connected a bit with her technician, but there was quitea lot of other interesting stuff. Like the Greystones again doing their grieving for Zoe in public, this time on a talkshow. Liked the paralell they drew with the way our media connects high school shootings with computer games, in saying that the bombing was to blame one the holobands and the way Greystone reacted to the accusation. Saying that virtual reality might have something to do with it, but not because Zoe liked it, but because she didn't and was searching for something more meaningfull.

Then grandpa Adama sees the talkshow and gets second thoughts about the hit he placed on Amanda, fortunately Sam only drove her around town in a scary way and didn't go through with it. Loved the scene though where he messes with Joseph, coming home and washing the blood of his hands.

I figure it can't take too long before the police gets to sister Clarice, the locker search was a close cut and if they get the possibility to tap into the e-paper they'll find her sooner or later. But I guess she'll do something drastic pretty soon anyway, now that Greystone publically declared that there's an Avatar of Zoe.

I continue to love Lacy and from the preview it looks like the next episode is going to focus on the virtual Caprica and Tamara Adama and not just on her crying this time.

*rubs hands*

Also here Jane explains the meanings of Sam's various tatoos! Very interesting, didn't starbuck have some of those too?
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