flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Austrian peculiarities

Watched the news today and can't help being amused by  this local story (the article is in german).
About a year ago the nation's favorite neonazi populist Jörg Haider had a fatal car accident.  Afterwards his young second in command Stefan Petzner broke down in tears on camera and declared he had lost his "Lebensmensch" (which wasn't a word in german until then , but would translate to "the man of his life"), which lead to a lot of speculation about Haider's sexual orientation.
Nothing I 'd find funny usually if it wasn't happening in this horrible "Yay, see what manly men we are!" - neonazi - portion of our politics, where of course no one would ever dream of outing themselves.

Now these days Petzner is of no importance politically but he just sued over a book in which he saw himself depicted. I'd probably never heared of it otherwise, but it looks like someone is making money with writing Haider/Petzner slash and outside the internet too.

Petzner recongnized himself not because the protagonist has a dolphin tatoo and loved the colour turquoise as well as the word "Flocke" (= flake, very scary that one.).
Tags: fanfic, politics, slash

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