flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Old and new times

I felt a little bored and found a very nice website that has full lenght documentaries streamed.  I watched this one about the Dixie Chicks, called "shut up and sing" about an incident I hadn't heard about before, where one of the band said something like she's ashamed of Bush on a UK gig.  This got witch hunt of insane would-be patriots going, who burned their cds and whatnot.
The basic tenor being that criticising Bush meant to be unpatriotic, obviously a right wing movement.

Now these days the right wingers (the teabags or whatever they call themselves) are calling Obama a nazi and worse (and for much worse reasons, since he's not starting new wars) and somehow that is not unpatriotic ??? I think I'll never get how hypocricy like that can work for so long on such a grand scale.

I never was a big fan of patriotism, I think it's just  nationalism pretending to be nice, but I always try to understand it, because it seems to be so important in the US. But with things like that, I think I'm never quite going to get it. If it really is seen as something positive in the US, why don't the democrats turn it around and use it too?
Tags: politics

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