flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Being human 2.05

Ohhh, loved it!

I could have done without the bits about Annie and the ghost baby but I loved the rest of the episode, especially Mitchell's parts. His set up is so twisted this season and I wonder what he's gonna do now that he killed his link to the police. He struggled so hard all episode to stay on track and then he fell off, just to maneuver himself further into a dead end.

I loved the sideburny flashback scenes. Gotta love a show that shows a vampire who vacuums his victims flat after the kill. And also Herrick was there and being awesome. Was that Josey woman the same who died in S1? 

The ending finally were he basically asks for someone to love him out of his addiction was the part I found truly horrifying and for a second there I almost wished she'd get serious about the staking.

All in all it was great stuff, though I wished we had seen Nina again, hope she turns up next episode.
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