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I just returned from the cinema and despite the fact, that the friends I went with to see the movie all hated it, I actually thought it was quite good.

But then I just have a thing for archaic legends, I like the Nibelungenlied, most of the celtic myths, so why not Beowulf. Imho the film caught the spirit, all very wild and bloodthirsty.

There were some aspects however, that seemed a bit bewildering to me. First, that everyone was speaking in some kind of fantasy fake (viking?) accent. That resulted in everyone pronouncing the word hero, like Hiro on Heroes does (with the japanese accent).

Then, there was Beowulf stripping for nearly all the major fights, not that I  had something against it, those abs were animated tasty. I don´t even object the fighting naked thing in general, it works nicely with the wild and archaic. But this american Ken and Barby nakedness, sans balls and nipples is just ridiculous. Ruins the intended animalism, but I guess if you make a Hollywood movie , you don´t get much of a choice there (was the same with 300).

The screenplay was ok all in all, not really Neil Gaiman at his best, but solid. The animations were quite impressive, I wonder, what the Imax version looks like. Maybe I´m lucky and get to see it in vienna.

+ I hope the friends I dragged with me, will not be mad at me for too long.
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