flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Good news :)

Just read on Whedonesque that Castle got an order for two more episodes, so the second season is going to have 24, plus the ratings are getting higher, so it looks like Nathan Fillion is not loosing this gig anytime soon. Yay! I'm no fan but it's a fun little show as crime shows go.

Also Toby Whithouse the creator of Being Human gives a slightly spoilery interview on his page in which he sounds pretty optimistic for a series 3 ! Squeeeeeee! Plus, there's going to be a US remake on Syfy!!!

Then I just learned on sue's journal of a new community to_the_deep_end   featuring James new character on Caprica and as much as the BSG ending shattered my trust in the writers of the verse, I can't help but squeee! JM written by Jane Espeson! So spread the word :).
Tags: being human, caprica, castle, james marsters, tv

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