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Being Human 2.02

Wow, now they're bringing out the good stuff!

I liked the season's premiere, but more because it was so good to have the show and its characters back. The episode itself was mediocre and while I loved Nina's parts I spent a lot of time being miffed at the jerkdom of George.

But this episode now? Wow they really tuned their game up  notch from last season. I really loved the flashback and Mitchell's plot about his old vampire friends who also got off the blood. I also like where they are going. Herrick has left a power vacuum and Mitchell will at some point have to fill it or he'll end up with one dead body after another. Interesting development.
I also found the theory about why the vampires can't be exposed intriguing, not just stating the need for self preservation but also saying that giving the church an enemy like that would make them so powerful that they'd off anything that ever differed from the norm. Have not seen such an open critique of religion since "His dark materials" and while I think it's doubtfull that vampire exposure would directly lead to gay burnings it's an interesting theory.

I love the particular brand of dark this show has. Many supernatural shows (Supernatural itself aside) deal with life after death in a very coddly way, somehow supporting the idea that some greater justice will bring the good people to heaven and the ad ones to hell. The other side on being human is not just, it's corrupt, it looks like it just wants to reel in slaves and both Mitchell and Annie have very good reasons to never go there willingly.
 I loved it back when the idea was just a line in the pilot, about their being people with ropes and chains on the other side and that it's now becoming an actual very creepy plot (with the talking tvs and all) makes me a happy fangirl.

Aside from the really promising plots this season, the details on this show just make it lovely to no and. The Kate Bush vampire in the end...:D

My Being Human Squee is back in full force with this episode.
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