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This is so omnitotalmegalometricalfantastic. My first Whedon show, that I will actually get to watch, when it´s on air. Not years later in DVD. And I loved Eliza Dushku as Faith. Could not really get into True Calling, because imho the writing sucked, but I still love to see her.
It´s like the best Halloween treat ever :)

So it´s called Dollhouse and about girls, that can assume any desired personality to carry out various assignments. If I heard that plot and not the name Joss Whedon with it, I would be worried. But as it is, it´s Joss, so it´s going to be kick ass cool and feminist. Aahhhh, it´s better than christmas :)
Tags: dollhouse, eliza doshku, joss whedon, tv

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