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Dollhouse 2.11 - Getting Closer

Wow, that was one fine episode. Loved all the little and big twists this threw at us.

The only thing is thatit was so much that it almost felt a little cramped, respectively that I would have liked some things to evolve more slowly. Bennet was awesome and it was quite believable that her sudden death by whiskey completely threw Topher off and is tipping him faster towards madness. But the impact would have been even cooler if their affair would have had time to evolve and if he could go down a little slower too. I loved it though, when he told Ivy not to become like him.

Then there was so much going on between Echo/Caroline and Bennet. Liked how this played out, with Caroline chatting her up to get into Rossum and with Bennet being perfectly fine with finding out, butnot with Caroline leaving her alone under the rubble, which really was for her best.

I'm not quite certain how happy I am about all the villainification of Caroline. Ok she's a controversial character, no one that's easy to like, but she's hardly mre grey than any of the others. She's an eco terrorist, but she immideately wanted to abort the second she found out she was endangering humans, also so she really did not ant Bennet to get harmed. And if anyone ever deserved to be bombed it's Rossum.

So Echo offering to hold down the bitch? *gulp*

Then there was Dominic tumbling down from the attic, which was cool, but als would have been cooler wth some eps in between the Attic episode where they stated 500 times that no one ever comes back from the attic and how superspecial Echo is, because she did.

The bit about Topher taking out Ballards fixation with Caroline/Echo was a bit lame imho, too eso, too unscientific.

Then there was the return of Whiskey which I liked a great deal. Both her coming back and her killing Bennet. Would have been so great if we could have had her all season long. This way the revelation that she was with Boyd as well as her return and her shooting came a bit close together. I wonder if Boyd programmed her to do it, or if she did it because she hated Topher so much, which would add extra tragic because he programmed her himself.

That of course leads to thelast revelation of Boyd being the a secret senior partner.  Did not see that one coming, but again it was done very well, with the invertation of the "trust me with your life" line. Awesome.
Again slower might have been more, because I was awed when I saw he hid Whiskey, shocked when he killed the Rossum people so quickly and then doble shocked when he turned out to be a bad guy. Was still good, I'm not complaining.

I was especially happy that the SP had a special plan for Echo, because I always found it a bit weird that she of all dolls was so special without any explanation. Now there is one, her implants/programming is obviously different and Boyd stayed with her himself to monitor her.

Wow, can't wait for the next ep, but I'll stay completely spoiler free on this one, not even watching previews, ok :)

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