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The Twilight reveal ( spoilers)

Guess thanks  to DH politics of not spoiler marking anything, barely anyone who's interested in S8 doesn't know, who's behind the mask by now, but still,

So Angel is Twilight, within the day, three Buffy covers with Angel have been released:


+ one by IDW that suggests that the reveal doesn't come all that surprising  to them:

I'm not sure, what to think of all of this. Once more it seems like with S8 what you see is what you get, so if Twilight is a tall, hunky, white male and only Angel is left, it's Angel, no matter how little sense it makes.

Thing is that I'm not exactly sure what form this would have to take for me to still like it. Buffywise a mood like the Chen cover for the collective volume suggests could be interesting, one were Angel actually thinks he's doing the good thing when he kills all slayers, kind of patronizing Buffy into suicide.
It pretty much subverts all things that were ever depicted positively about Buffy/Angel and that I always disliked. Problem is, this would leave Angel well and truly and unredeemably bad and I wouldn't want that, because I actually came to love the character on his own series and in some fanfiction. To make him some personification of the overbearing boyfriend works for me as far as Bangel is concerned, but not for Angel the individual, who really deserves  better.

The second scenario is that, he somehow turns out as doing the right thing (and being redeemable), which would bug me even more, because however questionable the slayer spell might have been, it's symbolism was always clear and to revert it too, "well, maybe empowerment isn't all that good" doesn't seem like a good way to go for me.

So, basially meh!, I can't even pretend anymore that there's a possibility I'll like the ending.

Then there's the question of Spike, for whom there are also multible scenarios:

1) He'll not be mentioned at all. Because Angel is important and Spike isn't.

2) He'll be mentioned in like two sentences, to have been killed off screen or to be drinking somewhere without even knowing what's going on. See number 1).

3) He'll show up eventually, which generally has the drawback of seeing Jeanty drawing him (igitt!!!!) (his cover already botched up Angel's proportions too badly for words) and the asset of maybe maybe maybe getting him on a Jo Chen cover.
But than as what is he going to show up: As Angel's still faithful sidekick? Double meh.
As his opponent? Hardly since I can't imagine Buffy will need to be saved at the end of her own book (unless by the other slayers). That would be wrong on so many levels.
As the damsel in distress, Twangel's victim? Again meh.

So there's even less room for a solution that involves Spike, that I'd find satisfying.

The final bit I'm worried about is that Joss is going for one single thing and trample all the other aspects of his canon (especially the Angel canon). Like Buffy distrusting Angel in S5 and so on. I guess time travel will come into play to gloss things over so that details don't have to be taken care of and IDW can do whatever it wants.

So I try to come up with a scenario that ends with me liking this, but it refuses to appear.

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