flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

The end of time

Just watched the second part of the End of Time  with the my usual who gang and I quite liked it. Imho it it was even a bit better than the first part.
There were some weaknesses, like too little Donna and quite some things that make your hea hurt when you think about them (like the senseless glasscage), but squeewise it totally worked for me.

Wilf was love, John Simm was totally amazing and I loved the Master helping the Doctor out in the end.

The drama was very well acted, and I quite liked the Doctor's swan song, were he visited all his loved ones once more. Particularly how he help Jack to score with George (ahem Alonso) in the space bar.  Was a neat ending and I'm looking forward to another great season.

If I review Tennants time as the Doctor I think season 4 was his best, since Donna was just made of awsome, season 3 had great episodes like "Blink" and the one with the scarecrows and comes second. Then season 2 and the "Season" 5, the whole no companion and just specials wasn't really my thing, but there were still some good moments.

I'm very much looking forward to what Moffat will do with the show, since he wrote my favorite episodes so far.
Also lookingforward to more Torchwood, my favorite choice would be a prequel, with victorian Torchwood.
Tags: david tennant, doctor who

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