flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Y- The last man

I started to read this series by Brian K. Vaughan a good long while ago (actually I made one of the fist entries in this journal about it) but stopped reading for some reason after the 7th collective vollume (of 10). Now I finally caught up and finished the series. I had lost a bit of touch with the characters, but it wasn't hard to find back in. It's still an amazingy good series, with characters that subvert and defy stereotypes on every second page. Also I like the art by Pia Guerra a lot, considering that Jeanty was picked for drawing a style different from the hunky comic hero and bigboobed girl-stadard, I think she would have been a very good choice for season 8. Her women all look natural, but grown up at the same time. Have to say, I didn't quite expect such a dark ending for Yorick from the book, and I think I'll have to reread everything again to fully understand Alter's motivation but all things said and done, it was a remarkably good series. I read that there were plans for a movie, which would be cool, but I almost hope they don't go there. It would do much better as a series reallly.
Tags: brian k. vaughan, y-the last man

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