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Fall tv

A few weeks into the fall and I'm still addicted to tv.

Supernatural is an amazing ball of greatness this season. I really do love every second of it and how hopeless and messed they let the whole situation go.

Dollhouse is even more interesting than last season and I'll be really pissed if they pull it of air. It's not an easy show, but actually really good, imho

Dexter is lovely too, the plot gets kind of old but they still manage to make it extremly exciting and John Lithgrow makes for great creepyness.

Mad Men is super this season, I've always got to watch it first. It's amazing how this show is so exciting with nothing ever really happening.

Merlin remains my guilty pleasure. It's so slashy and it has ASH.

And for crime shows I'll stick with Castle, it's funny and it has Nathan Fillion

Then I tried some new shows, though not exactly with high hopes.

I already gave up on Vampire Diaries, because I find it's mindnumbingly boring, and I can't even tell if the actors are so bad or if it's the incredibly dull writing.

I had a look at Eastwick, pretty much expecting nothing, but turns out it's really fun. It cracks me up and the plotlines are developing at different speeds, which is something I like. It even promises to become pretty messy, because this scenario so messy.

Glee is fun, but not as good as the pilot promised.

There are also a few shows I have my eye on but have not watched yet, I'd be very interested what you think of them:

FlashForward for one, it seems to pop up at all the places I visit

And Fringe, I gave up on it last season around episode 10, because Olivia was such a block of wood and the stories seemed so X-filey, but read that became pretty awesome towards the finale. I really have to catch up on it.
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