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Of Games and thrones

I don't know, if any of you know "Song of Ice And Fire" by G.R.R. Martin yet. It's one of the best fantasy series I've ever read and it's made into an HBO series right now. Now grrm has posted some news from the casting.

*jumps up and down*

ok, so they've got Boromir as Eddard Stark, yay!!! (Pretty much the hero in the first book). I assosiate him with a little roguishness, but I guess he'll do fine as lawfull good Eddard.

This guy Kit Harington is going to be his bastard son Jon Snow

Mark Addy is going to be Robert Baratheon, the current King. He'll have to grow a beard but otherwise he's afine choice.  Can't wait to see the Lannister twins.

Harry Lloyd is going to play Ex-crown prince Viserys Targaryen
On this picture he looks a bit to nice, but I'm sure he'll do fine as crazy mean big brother. He looks very young though, so they'll probably really cast some one very young Daenerys.

And finally Jack Gleeson is the current crown prince Joffrey Baratheon
The foto is from a few years ago in Batman begins, but he looks like he'll be wonderful asJoffrey the brat

This series is going to be soooo cool. If you haven't read them yet and like fantasy I highly recommend the books.
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