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Book review: We are Iran by Nasrin Alavi

I just reread this book in the light of recent events and thought I'd like to advertise it a little with a review, since it is so made of win.

The book is a collection of a multitude of blog entries from the iranian blogosphere, strung together by an account of Iran's history, mentality  and culture by the author. The cool thing about the book is that is a recollection of the internet. Many of the quoted blogs are translated from Farsi, so that you can get a glimpse at blogs you wouldn't usually come across as a westerner. Also many of the blogs have been removed by the regime in the meanwhile (and have sprung up elsewhere or been replaced by others). 
The blogs and this book give a voice to so many people in Iran that are forced into silence by the regime when they have so many interesting, smart, funny and heartbreaking things o say.

Here are some of the blog entries that Alavi quotes in her book:

5 January 2003

I've just heard the funniest thing on the radio...really funny...some of our mullahs have sent a joint statement of protest to Jaques Chirac though the Foreign Office against a  ban on headscarves in France... these mullahs really have a lot of nerve...
Yes, the same mullahs who are obsessed by nothing more than keeping these vile headscarves on our heads....Ayatollah Khamenei would rather give birth to Ariel Sharon's baby (not that they don't make a lovely couple) than see us go unveiled...Yes these exact mullahs who blatantly ignore all civil liberties are complaining that the French act undemocratically...
Well the Frach are acting undemocratically...but the difference is that I, as a woman, have a right to complain against such narrow-minded xenophobic rulings...But our mullahs sure don't. (by Arched Brows)

20 February 2004

The most astonishing event today - which even surprised those in charge of the polling station and the Hezbollahis of [a small village in cetral Iran] - was the arrival of a group of people who were bussed into the village. After half an hour of wandering around like fools, they voted and left... With such dirtx tricks going on, it won't be surprising if extraordinary election results are reported by the state media.

8 april 2003

Thousands of demonstrators in countries like Pakistan, India and 'Arab countries' are taking part in 'peace' protests; they walk over other people's sovereign flags, burn George Bush dummies.  Some of them even carry the Iraqi flag and pictures of the tyrant Saddam. Are these  demonstrators truly anti-war?
We have been bombarded with these sceenes by an ethusiastic state-controlled media; yet there is nothing in these images that conveys peace...
What is our media so upbeat about? At the sight of a horde of Bin Laden lookalikes foaming at the mouth, holding a picture of a tyrant (Saddam) in one hand and a psychopath (Bin Laden) in the other?

Tips on how to liberate Iran (one of the few blog entries from the book that  are still in place)

An article by Nasrin Alavi from January 2009

Go, read the book!
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