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Thought I'd do a little rally on the books I read lately:

Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan: I read it because Dean mentioned Vonnegut on Supernatural and I remembered how much I love the author. It was brilliant fun! I loved all the dark humor and insightful observations. How come old scifi is always so brilliant and thought provoking? I sometimes get the impression the new stuff can't keep up.

Jane Austen and Seth Gramham Smith, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The book is remarkably exactly what the title says. Have to say, the Zombies fit in very nicely, they just fill some gaps and even make sense.  Jane doesn't have to come down with a cold from the rain these days, she got attacked by zombies on her way  to Netherfield. What are those soldiers doing in the english countryside all the time? They're here because of the zombies. It was a fun read, though the truly brilliant parts where all in the original Austen.

Tamora Pierce, Beka Cooper, Bloodhound:
I loved her Alanna books as a child and so whenever I see a new series by her I can't resist. Nothing ever came close to Alanna though, maybe because I was so young when I read it and could identify so strongly that I wasn't bothered by the Mary sueishness of the heroine (I think she might have invented the purple eyes thing). Her new heroine Beka is essentially a fantasy world policewoman, but I think Pierce did a pretty good job with it. The book is much darker than she usually writes, a bit more down and dirty and that gives it a kick.
It has a little much self created language but at least this way Beka can swear properly :)

Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse Nr.8: Was good and funny and I want more Eric, I'm shallow that way.

Stephen Fry, The stars tennis balls: The book is a modern retelling of the The count of Monte Christo and it's chocolate on pages for me. I already love and adore Stephen Fry to pieces and Dumas is one of my all time favorite authors. In combination they are just plain thrilling. I love it when you read a book and not a single sentence wastes your time.
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