flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

What's it with the Joss hate lately?

I constantly run into articles bashing Joss lately (mostly for Dollhouse) and stating that J.J. Abrams is the new Joss, or something.  Couldn't be less impressed really. 

Ok, Dollhouse might not have been as good as it should have been, especially in the first few episodes, but it's pinky finger is more gripping than Fringe, that basically is an X-files rip off with (much) weaker leads and a funny old scientist, I stopped watching after ten eps or so because I was starting to skip the parts that didn't have the scientist in it.  And on this show, unlike Dollhouse, you were supposed to like the characters. And I swear even the guy that played Captain Jack's brother on Torchwood did a better job than the blond agent girl on Fringe.

The other thing is, that I love shows that build up plot, mystery and character development and then deliver. The delivering part is pretty important to me, especially after BSG failed so spectacularly at it in the finale recently. I love story arcs, the larger the better in my book, but if there's no convincing conclusion I just feel cheated. The absolute king of the big arc is JMS with Babylon 5 but Joss does it nicely too. He builds no megalomaniac arcs, his are mostly just season sized, but he always brings them to a stunning finale and did so again with Dollhouse.
Can't really say, I know that much Abrams but he doesn't sound like the delivering type. What I hear about Lost doesn't make me wanna touch it with a ten foot pole, to be honest and while I liked Alias well enough I never made it to a conclusion there either (if there was one?).

Star Trek was a solid reenactment, but it lived on a few good lines, Star Trek classics (like the red shirt and the Kobayashi Maru) and a nice new cast that copied the old cast. The actual plot was rather silly and didn't compare to better episodes of any of the shows.

I'm seriously seeing no writer's genius here. Looks like Abrams knows how to play into expectations very well and to service his audience with action and mystery, but I can't see him tell an actual compelling story like Joss does, or make his characters only half as lovable.

Thanks tv journalists, but I'll stick with Joss.

Tags: joss whedon, rant

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