flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Star Trek

Went to see Star Trek yesterday. There was a pretty cute mix of aging nerds in the theater and the movie was ok. Several things were completely over the top, but mostly it was hilarious. Kirk and Spock even had a faint reminder of their old thing going.
Didn't like how they prettied everything up though. I guess it was unavoidable, but it was like watching the original Star Trek with anorexia. If they felled compelled to stay with canon on the sexism and miniskirts they could have looked for people who have the body mass index of the "era".

Things I liked:
Chekov, ok, so I can laugh about silly accents, so what?
McCoy, he was trying so hard to get his eyebrows up
Scotty, was cute and nerdy
Spock/ Sylar, occasionally he looked, like he was going to kill them all and eat their brains but mostly he was very cute.

didn't like:
the opening minutes, it really could get only better after that
all the pregnant women, if a movie has a total of five female characters (and that's counting the green girl and Nero's girl) there's no need two make two of them pregnant.
Kirk, was too sleek for my liking, but he looked remarkably like a young Shatner when Spock throttled him.
Tags: star trek

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