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Dollouse 1x11

"Briar Rose" swept me clean of my feet last night. I didn't much care for Echo's assignment, but the whole briar rose theme made for a nice frame.

And I wonder if the story Echo told the little girl about Briar Rose dreaming up her own prince will make any sense within the Alpha situation. Did she play a part in him getting out in the first place, so that now he can now come get her?

I gathered that Alpha is supposed to be a bit of a Frankenstein's monster, a patchwork of all the personalities he's been imprinted with , so he's super skilled and super crazy and probably wants to make Echo the same. But what personality did he imprint her with in the end? More then one? A self designed one that would make her recognize him? Or is she remembering real events between them?

Anyway I'm so much looking forward to bad girl Eliza!

There was also the bit about Alpha slashing Victor. Did he do that to make him useless to the Dollhouse? In the brief sequence where Victor was imprinted with Dominic, he looked at Saunders and said "Whiskey". So she's most likely a doll too. Probably  Alpha wanted to render her useless with slashing her face, so the Dollhouse is only using her indoors now with a fixed imprint. She already said, that she doesn't leave the dollhouse and she's very loyal to the place for a person that seems rather nice.  Would be pretty interesting if she became self aware of being only an imprint. For one point, she'd wonder who she originally was, on the other hand she would have to "kill" her present self to go back to it. I'd love to see her getting her own plotline in a second season. (please, please, I really want a second season now!)

November is really a sad case, watching her as Mellie showcases the cruelty of the Dollhouse in a pretty awesome way. She's completely in love , to the point of suicide and it's not even real. So mean! More so as Paul is so much into Caroline although he doesn't know her anymore than he does November's original personality.

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