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Dollhouse 1.9 and Terminator 2.22

Just watched the Fox friday night and damn it, that was a good one!

God, the finale was good. I love how messed up all the timelines got, it's like Doctor put it, with the timey, wimey, umbly, wumbly stuff. Everything is so knotted up that even the old parts of the show and the movies make sense in that no one in this game has the overview anymore, not the humans, not the skynet machines, not the party Weaver comes from. They're all just desperately messing around to keep themselves in existence. 
Also I think I can watch Summer Glau all day.
A third season would have one hell of a great setting, with John in future, where for once no one thinks he's the great savior of mankind and Summer Glau getting to play a human (and a Terminator). Only bad thing is that the terrible Riece brothers are back. Though I wished through the whole season that Derrek would go play with his boy band, I found his death scene pretty awesome because it was so unexpected.

I wish that the stars over this show wouldn't spell "Doom" so clearly.

Found the episode was pretty much made of awesome. Knew it would take a little time, but by now there's not a character I'm not invested in. They're all so beautifully contradicted and flawed. The way the episode was plucked apart in the individual actives appointments made it very intriguing.

I can't help it, I love Ballard better the crazier he gets. It was so funny, when he was just leaving off the Kafka for two seconds to greet Mellie properly and she switched to Doll mode and confirmed his worst nightmares.
I'm still not sure what Dom's intentions regarding Ballard were though. He's urging him on to investigate, but doesn't give him any information. Why make that contact via the dolls, which seems very risky  and not via NSA - FBI communication channels?

From what I got about Dom's  motives, he works for the NSA who doesn't want to shot down the Dollhouse but wants to bring it under their control. So on one hand he wanted to kill Echo, because he felt she was becoming a threat to the Dollhouse, but it looks like towards the end he developed similar feelings as Ballard did and when they sentence him to brainwipe he's all cheering for Echo getting back at them and bringing the whole thing down. Loved the actor in that final scene in the van, btw. The scene had a very Jossy feeling to it, what with giving an absolutely heartbreaking scene to a totally implausible character.
So maybe that's why he started to send messages to Ballard, because he wanted to have someone on the case who wants to bring the Dollhouse down and not to bring it under government control. He asked him to find out why th Dollhouse came into existence. Most likely answer is to create a perfectly obedient soldier. After all that kind of funding only flows into science that has an application in warfare.

Adelle engaging Victor for herself was pretty awesome too (makes me shudder at the things Topher programs for himself though). I love their scene in bed, when Victor talks about how he would program  a doll like her. Makes you wonder why an organization like the dollhouse would hire any people who are not actives themselves at all , it would be the perfect way to make them all beyond doubt loyal. You would not even have to alter the original personalities much, just take away some inhibitions about slavery and taking of free will.

So far a terrible lot of people (like Saunders, Boyd, Ivy...) seem to be too nice to actually be in the line of work they are in, so maybe their personalities being molded to fit the job could be an answer for that, but then that theory is pretty much void since Dom was obviously the real deal.

Also it was kind of endearing that Topher thought Boyd was the spy and warned him beforehand.

Hate to think the show might be gone next year, why did they only really start at episode six again? Also I hate that they're not airing the last episode with Felicia Day. 
Time for Joss to move either to cable or permanently to the internet. 
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