flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Supernatural - The big Heee!

Ok, got a hand it to Supernatural, no show in history ever shouted out to it's hardcore fandom like that!
I wonder how many Joe Sixpack viewers are googling "Sam/Dean"  right now.

Can't speak for the fans who take Supernatural completely seriously but, god, that episode was fun!!!

ETA: And hee again, I just found out that the nagging fan"Simpatico" from the fanboard on the show is a real poster. Just read a few of his posts on the TVWP Forums and he really does sound exactly as begrudged as on the show. *bg*

ETA: If you need brilliant fanfic to go with it, here it is:

And awesome pink raygun review that includes a pretty nice explanation of slash attraction.
Tags: supernatural

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