flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

credit card fraud

I just found out, that someone used my credit card  number to go on an online shopping spree.
This is such a fucking nightmare and I want to know how that asshole got my number.  Last thing I used it online for (aside from amazon, who has the number for years and where I don't have to enter the number) was to pay for my LJ subscribtion in december. I doubt that they have the number from there, but it's still disturbing...
Most likely I caught some spyware. Arg I hate this, no more credit cards for me. Someone went shopping for 2000 Euro on my card and that's only what I can see so far. Looks like I caught it early enough though and won't have to pay any of the bills. *fingers crossed*

Person at the police was extremely unhelpfull (in terms of obviously having no idead about computers at all...9, I really hope they catch the bastard.

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