flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Not dead, just working

I was drowning in work this month and barely had time for my poor little LJ. :(

How are all of you?

Now there is so much to blog about and so little time. First there is one thing that has me in absolute fangirl overdrive. First fandom celebrity comment on my blog :D. Jo Chen commented on my review of her comic book here. I've no way to know if it's a fake of course, but then I don't really see why anyone would do it in that manner, so I choose to believe it was really Jo Chen who visited my little blog. *is happy*
I'm slightly embarrassed, because I wrote some not so positive stuff about the plot, but looks like she didn't take that personally. And I really have to do a review on the second part of the book now.
Oh, yeah and it means that she read my ramblings about how great it would be if she did a Spangel cover *blushes*.

I read the final issue of Spike-After the fall and loved it, despite them killing Jerry. His death was so mean and tragic in such a jossian way that I can't help it and must admire. Also Brian Lynch's characterization of Spike throughout the book was so brilliant. I loved the parallel )s he created between Spike's relationship with his flock and his relationships with woman. I hope I'll find the time to do an in dept review

Oh and in far less cool news, they have shut down wikipedia in Germany at the moment. And not for technical reasons, but because a politician didn't like what they wrote about him there and got a court order to shut them down. The guy in question is Lutz Heilmann from the party Die Linke (the left), which is essentially the communist party of Germany. Censor the internet, way to go people, really. No, not reminding me of China at all...

Tags: internet censorship, jo chen, spike - after the fall

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