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Telly galore

So, I've got a bit of time on my hands, since I have to wait an hour, until my little DNA strand is deprotected, so I thought I'll ramble a bit about all the new shows and seasons I'm watching at the moment.
Will contain traces of: Supernatural, Pushing Daisies, The Sarah Jane Adventures, True Blood, Life on Mars US, The Fringe, Dexter

Supernatural: I think I like this show better with every season. It still has the old quirks, but it gets more intense with every episode. I love the new setting, with Dean as god's chosen guy on earth and Sam as the startup demon lord.  What I probably like best is that it looks like both sides are pretty evil in their own way and that the boys will have tough job not getting torn appart by their chosen allies. Only thing that I'm not that keen on is the new Ruby actress, but maybe she'll get her cool moments.

Pushing Daisies: I'm still wondering how long this quirky, tacky, candy striped show will stay interesting, but so far I still like it a lot, especially Olive in the Sound of music convent. "But I want to be poor in other ways!!" Bwahahahaha

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Is still top notch kids tv. I still get a lot more Who vibe from it than from Torchwood. Also I think Sarah Jane is one of the most likeable characters of the Who-verse. She should get to bed Captain John for being great :).

True Blood: Good stuff!!! Force once a vampire show that doesn't need to compare to Buffy or Angel since it really is something completely different. It has all the good ingredients, some interesting multilayered characters, cool setting due to vampires integrated into mainstream society and the plot is fascinating so far. Also the music is brilliant and I love the opening credits. HBO really is good that way. Can't wait to see, what they'll make of Song of Ice and Fire.

Life on Mars US: Ok, I knew it was blasphemy to make a remake of this, but then I thought of Queer as folk and thought, maybe it's just a little bit worse than the original but is still good and gets more episodes. So I downloaded the first episode. It sucks so hard, it puts a lot of porn actors to shame.
I never thought one could fail so hard with such a good concept. The Sam Tyler actor looks and behaves like a piece of wood that cries occasionally. And Hunt is some kind of grumpy grandpa (also he is not played by Colm Meaney, who was one of the reasons I was willing to give it a chance). Also all of the political uncorrectness is gone. It's just bad, I'll go watch the original again and wait for the next season of Ashes to Ashes.

The Fringe: Is not really my thing (too X-filey), but doesn't look half bad. Maybe I'll get into it.

Dexter: is just brilliant. There's nothing that is even remotely bad with this show. From the looks of it this season is going to be just as interesting as the first two were.

So, what is it you guys are watching? Do you have any recs for me? I find it hard to keep up with the new shows, especially with the british stuff.

Tags: dexter, life on mars, pushing daisies, supernatural, the fringe, the sarah jane adventures, true blood, tv

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