flake_sake (flake_sake) wrote,

Better late then never!

Finally the weekend is here! Not that this means that I skipped lab today, but at least I did only stay for a few hours (science is kind of far more work than I thought it would be), so I came home in broad daylight and could finally do the pictures for tibialisant 's Birthday!

So here it is, the final version!

Happy Birthday, again and sorry for the delay!

Tibi prompted me to do a picture of Spike sucking on fingers (he's rather licking now). Fingers are not my friend and I promised her a gag reel of my failed attempts

It looks a bit like broke the fingers and is now sucking on them, while trying to poke his eye out. Also the face turned out off and too round and his forehead....argh, see point is, I really can't draw, I just like to do it.

And here we have a big evil giant stuffing his fingers down poor Spike :)
Tags: birthday, fanart

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