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Still here and Spike-After the Fall #1

Hi guys, it's been a while, I'm afraid. All the lab work is eating me up, so I don't get to spend nearly as much time on LJ as I would like. :( Didn't comment very much either in the last few weeks. Sorry for that.
So a short fannish summary of the last few weeks:

Wasn't Dr. Horrible great fun? So adorable and so heartbreaking in the end. All very mean ol' Joss. Makes me all bouncy for Dollhouse!
I loved the concept of letting the fans decide, if they want to pay for it. I'd really like to buy it, but obviously it's not available in the Austrian itunes store and I can't buy in the US-Version (I never bought anything on itunes before, so maybe I'm overlooking something...). It's a bit frustrating. I hope the DVD makes it to Europe.

Angel-ATF #10 was top stuff too. Maybe I'll do review to have them complete, but I just didn't find the time, when it came out.  I've got people visiting the next two weekends so the chances are slim...
I somehow missed the first ATF collected volume on amazon, and now it's not available anymore :( , but I need it since I'm missing issue #3 in print. Damn it.

And oh yes, Buffy #16: Like the drawings much much better and also I squee for Fray. I'm thinking of maybe doing reviews of the collected volumes, since the individual issues are so slim and I'm not all that invested.

Anyway I can't go without taking a look at the unadulterated goodness that is Spike-ATF #1 ( just scattered thoughts, I'm afraid, hope it's not too confusing):

I really really loved it. Brian's Spike on the beginning of his sole-hero-career is so lovely.
In the opening scene we see Spike getting his ass kicked by a bunch of lizard demons, he took on to save a child. Fortunately Illyria is around and makes short work of them. She even kills the one Spike wanted to strangle with his own tongue.
Hee, poor Spike, while he is clearly the responsible heroic part of the operation, she's the brute force. Not exactly constellation Spike Is used to. And it's great to watch him struggle with his new role. Sure, Spike led vampire packs, but dealing with the bunch of fugitives that chose him and Illyria as their safeguards is a whole different story.
I think my favorite part is when he wonders, how Buffy and Angel put up with "that kind of lip". Seems they are still his poster people for heroes but ultimately he is finding his own way now. He reminds me a lot of season two Spike, not evil of course, but the casual way he runs things is pretty similar.

I'm still squeeing over the fact that he has his own comic now. There is so much more room for not all that important dialog that gives the character some flesh. Brian just writes a great Spike. It's a fact. Wonder if they were showing 300 in hell, though.

Jerry is an original character I loved at first glance. I'm somewhat worried that he's not going to survive what's leading to where Spike ended up in Angel-ATF.

Playing with the chubby child triggers Fred inside illyria and I suppose so does everything that would have brought up positive emotions for Fred (like love/Wes...). Spike instantly locks her up and sets his mind on getting Illyria back. This seemed a bit cruel when it's mentioned in Angel ATF, but the way he explains it to Jerry, it makes perfect sense (except maybe, that Fred never was all that helpless). We just saw in the opening pages that without Illyria they stand a snowballs chance in hell. Also it looks like Fred is injured (while Illyria isn't) and staying Fred for too long could maybe kill her. So I get why Spike is in such a rush to turn her back (using a giant mechanical duck, which is just made of awesome :) )

In the end the Spikettes make their appearance, while Spike's out meeting the dragon. Hard to tell, if they're friend or foe at this point. They kill the lizards but they also ask Spike's humans to surrender. Will be interesting to find out, how they end up thinking of Spike as the single best thing in this world.
I wonder if it has something to do with whatever Spike got from the transfer to hell, it still seems weird to me, that he should be the only one unchanged.

Anyway, Spike-ATF is all I hoped for, can't wait to read on!
Tags: after the fall, angel, brian lynch, comics, dr. horrible, spike

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