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Eeryie statue in the woods

This weekend I finally got around to make a little trip to the woods nearby. 
First time I heard about Göttingen was in a pretty cool Call of Cthulhu-RPG-adventure called "Die Froschkönigfragmente" (The Frogkingfragments), where the heroes were investigating a bunch of fairy tales, that had a creepy way of coming true and followed in footsteps of the Brothers Grimm.

At one point they find a strange fountain with a statue in Göttingen that leads them to the main cultist.  So when I came here, naturally I had to go and find out if the thing really existed.  Turns out it does and what's slightly discomforting it's in the woods about ten minutes away from my flat. Coincidence? *dramatic sounds* :)
It's a really creepy place too, with this old pile of stones and the nymph in her cave, the water trickling down behind her.


Small wonder, they used it in a Cthulhu adventure :). The local legend is even a tad more creepy. It says, that if you look into water of the fountain you can see your unborn siblings.

And as if this wasn't enough, someone has built a weird wooden construct on top of the  cavern. It had four little wooden pendants (for the lack of a better word) with red ribbons around them sticking from it. I only have the blurry picture from the thing when it was intact. When I returned today it had been destroyed, but someone has started to build a new one right next to it. Weird isn't it? I wonder who makes them and what for.

So that's my RL at the moment, since I don't know anyone here, I usually take some strolls into the woods on the weekends.

In fandom related news, I finally got to watch Doctor Who. Thought Midnight was pretty cool and I'm looking forward to tonight's episode.

And I finished the third season of Supernatural. Zoe, you were soooo right. The third season is great! Totally awesome! I thought the first two seasons were rather lukewarm, but the third?!? I was gnawing on my nails. And they finally got around to bring in some cool chicks. Loved Bela and Ruby, not necessarily as persons, but I loved the spice they added to the show, especially Bela.

Next thing up is reviewing the new After the fall issue. I hope I'll get it done till monday.
Tags: doctor who, rl, supernatural

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