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Angel- After the fall #8

I'm not sure, if it's just because I'm in a good mood, but I think this issue is my favorite first night so far. It certainly has the most appealing artwork so far. First time I really like all three artists in the book (not counting the intro), they all have very unique styles but each is equally gorgeous.

First we get the intro with Betta George again. It's still mysterious what exactly Gunn needs him for and unfortunately there is nothing new about the Hell A. Slayers. I’m still wondering if they were allied with Gunn’s crew in some way.

The first story is about
Gwen, which is neat in itself, because I always felt that the character was quite underused on the show. I liked how she tried for supercool, but was really just a startup as a master thief. Like a roleplaying character that came late to the party.

She also makes a very smooth transition from screen to comic, since she always had a lot of attributes of a typical comic superhero. She just has the looks, the hair, the lips, everything is very typical, so even if the artist doesn't catch her face perfectly, you can recognize her from the first panel. The overly sexy comic look, with the supertight clothing that looks so weird on, for example, Nina works great with her too.

The story is pretty heartbreaking as Gwen enjoys her new ability to touch only to get her sparkles back, when the city shifts to hell. I think this pretty much ruins my pet theory, that everyone got something back that he lost in the deal with W&H, since the deelectrifier didn't have anything to do with them, if I remember correctly. Except maybe that Gunn helped her get it, but anyway, Gwen never had a contract, so it doesn’t fit that she’s affected too.

So maybe it could be that the restoration mojo affects everything that went down in L.A. in the last year, while Angel was C.E.O. I wonder if it has any effect on the slayers, since the amulet came from W&H too, but I doubt it.

Also interesting that contrary to the others Gwen more lost then gained something. No wonder she's pissed. But at least she got stronger, contrary to Illyria and Angel, who seem to be both weakened in some way (at least as it looks like), even if they got something “good” out of it (Fred and the Shanshu). I still think it might be some kind of magical side effect, not actually intended by any side.

Second is the Civilians' story. Now that one was just plain adorable.

I don't know if they're to everyone’s taste, but I liked the watercolor drawings. Especially that the cinema girl didn't look pretty. I love it, when people draw imperfect faces in comics.

Also liked that these "normal" people weren't normal at all. They were rather misfits (at least the doomsday boy) that got into this mess, without having anything to do with it and in a way the situation and their humanity prompts them to greatness. I loved the "I used her sign to lie for her" line and that doomsday boy is picking up the good fight in the end. I think it showed a lot of what Angel's story is about. Why he's making himself a champion for humanity. Not just to find redemption but because there is something worth saving there.

I just realized that another thing Angel regained in the comic is his original mission. He’s back to helping the helpless. Yet another vibe from the show that Lynch worked into the book.

So on to the final story, the one I was really gnawing my nails to read: Gunn

The artwork is ok, simple but expressive. I really hope we’ll see more of all three artists in this book.

At first I thought Gunn knows the vampire who sired him, but apparently he doesn't. He does however instantly compare him to Angel. It’s a bit hard to tell, how weird the vamp really is. He carries a stake, seems to be more of a pacifist than the usual vamp. He has this “inside connections” (inside of what) and he believes Gunn is important. Also he has this whole “this is supposed to happen” thing going.

Gunn seems to believe he’s hiring to fight the good fight again, but then he’s virtually nailing Angel’s picture to the guys head. I could kill Gunn again, for not letting his Sire finish his talk. Who are these guys? Well now they're obviously Gunn's henchmen.

When Gunn realizes what he has become, he is very stuck on that “he's not them, not him” (Angel). I tend to think that this is the demonic version of his former hatred for vampires and his bitterness over Angel leaving him dying in the final battle to hook up with his new best friend the dragon. Seems like Angel got yet again chosen as another dark Sire/Father figure, must be something about his hair :).

But maybe Gunn really has something besides delusions over the other vampires. He claims that it might have to do with his programming, but I can’t really make something of it. What has Gunn lost in season 5, that he could regain now? Fred comes to mind or maybe his righteousness? Ideas?

I’m a bit confused as to when Gunn got on the hell bus. For everyone else, this was a very clear moment. Was he turned before or after? I’m thinking before here, but I’m not really sure, so maybe whatever is weird about him came back with the transfer.

There is also the matter of his injuries, Spike got fully healed, when he shifted dimensions. Gunn obviously didn’t. But he has lost an eye, that he got back. I’m not sure if that is because of the transfer or because of the vamping. Can vamping heal prior injuries in the Buffy verse? So far we only know that it cures diseases, or is there more on it somewhere?

I’m glad that the next issue is coming so soon. Can’t wait to read more about twisted VampireGunn and I hope there are some answers concerning the slayers coming too.
Except for that it was too short as always this was real nice piece of comic.

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