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Just thought I'd write a little something so that this journal doesn't look too dead, even though I didn't have much time for fannish stuff due to the move, new work etc.

So far I was lucky with almost everything. The research work is absolutely cool and the whole town here virtually consists of university and knowledge. And I took some pretty nice walks into the woods so far. Also I can hook myself into the neighbors wireless for only a few Euros, instead of getting my own net, which might have turned out quite complicated. During the week I was pretty busy in the lab so I had no time to miss my friends. Weekend is a different story, but this way I had time to catch up with all the stuff I like.
I also made another LJ, for my family and RL-friends, to show off some pictures. It's in german, but if anyone 's interested I can give you the link.

So Buffy #15: I don't know, somehow I expected more background for the japanese vamps. But while the main plot didn't really make me bounce, the Xacula thing was really nice. And I loved Dracula's little speech. "It's the old man you need to worry about." That was made of cool! It's a pity that he'll probably wont show up anymore now that the arc is over.

I think, they tried to use a brilliant old Buffy concept in this arc. The combine-fun-with-tragedy-thing, like in "lover's walk", only in the comic it didn't really work for me. Probably because I never cared enough about Renee, to find her death very moving. It was just too early, to be really dramatic.

But as fun goes, it was quite an ok arc and Dracula was an absolute asset. I'm pretty excited about the next arc too. There are all those gorgeous Jo Chen covers to drool over and I liked Fray a lot. Poor Dawn though, they don't seem to have any mercy with her and will keep her in crack!fic-world as it looks like.

Doctor Who: Bah, Silence in the Library was soooo great. Moffat is great. Unfortunately I once read an interview with him, where he sounded pretty much like a total misogynist jerk, but his Who episodes are simply the best. It's great news, that he'll take over the show.

And I finally got to watch on Supernatural. I just started Season 3 and I'll admit I start to get where the hype is coming from. It really is a creepy good, funny, intense show. Love the boys, the optics, the sound, the jokes. It's still missing cool female characters though. I guess, that's what keeps me from really falling for the show.
Tags: comics, doctor who, season 8, stephen moffat, supernatural

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