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Dollhouse - It's really happening!

During all the strike weeks, when everything was on ice it seemed like Dollhouse was never going to happen and if, only in the far distant future. And now there's a trailer! Yay!

I can't say that I'm already in full squee mode over this, because for that I need plot, characters and dialog, but it looks pretty promising to me. Darkish, with a bit of "La femme Nikita" and a tad "Total recall" (the Dick story rather than the movie) and Eliza Dushku is gorgeous. I imagine it must be very cool for an actor to get a role like that where your personality changes every episode, while the character develops an underlying original self.

Helo looks nice too (I should maybe find out, what his actual name is ...)

It's to early to say, whether it's a show to fall in love with, but it's definitely going to be a bit of very very watchable television. Joss at his worst is after all still better than many others at their best.

Also while I have to admit, that from the comics I like Brian Lynch's and Michael Vaughan's writing a bit better, tv is just Joss' thing and I get the (very biased) impression that he will infuse this new project with all his creative passion, while the comics were more of a pastime and that his own squee for Buffy isn't what it was back when he did the show.

That's pretty natural for an artist, I think, to change and develop new ideas and favorites after all. So far I liked all the different things he did. Buffy, that started out as teenage horror parody fun, the film noir thing Angel had going, the space western setting on Firelfy. Generally I just love the way he combines drama with fantastic settings, his dialog and that he creates characters that get to me within a few episodes. I'm convinced he'll manage to give me just that with the new show.

He also has a pretty good eye for talented writers, so I'm sure he found some brilliant new and old brains for Dollhouse.

It's kind of amazing to be in a fandom that is just about to enter existence, when I have seen all of the other Joss shows only long after they were on air.
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