August 25th, 2016

Granny Tyrell


So, as I never really managed to get my self over to tumblr, i thought I might jump on the fandom train to Imzy. I'm Nixe over there in case you'd like to connect somehow.

If I am not mistaken (which might very well be, since I only looked around for like 10 minutes), friending is not really a thing there. You join communities and talk within the groups not so much answer to someone's personal blog. Allthough you can make your blog a community.

Very nice clean design though. Ah, I don't know, I'll probably stay with LJ until it shut down. But still, maybe I'll use Imzy.

So apparently I can also invite people, so if anyone wants to come over, say so by all means.

What is very weird is that you can give money to everybody there. I mean I guess you could do that on LJ too via paid subscriptions and icon space and such...but there it is much more prominent. Not sure about how I feel about that.