February 17th, 2016

Granny Tyrell

Hugo Recommendations give and take away

Hello dear flist,

It's Hugo recommendation time again until the end of march and since I got a membership for last year's Sasquan because I got caught up in the puppy affair, I really intend to use my nomination rights for all they are worth this year.

However I'm running into the usual problem. Novellas, Novellettes and short stories. I don't read the magazines, I read short stories mostly in collections and that's years after they are elligible. So any recommendations on this front?

I only have one rec for novellettes and that is really any episode from 2015 of Ellen Kushner's brilliant Tremontaine series, which is a multiauthored project hosted by serial box publishing.
While this going on my list for sure, I'm very happy for other recs.

What I do have are recs for graphic novels in case anyone is at a loss there:

There are the obvious candidates, like Saga, Ms Marvel, Thor, Rat Queens...basically the ones that were also in the race last year. There's also Neil Gaiman's Sandman Overture, which is kind of a no brainer in this category. I really want to use this last opportunity to nominate the Unwritten, by Mike Carrey. The last tome came out in 2015 and this series was pure joy. I guess too few people followed it until the end for this one to have a chance but still.
And then there are some very interesting new series:

The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage

A real fun stampunk comic about the title heroes. Very funny and a bit like Girl Genius. Not totally sure if it is elligible though, because it was first published as a webcomic.


This comic is just beautiful. The whole thing is done in aquarelle and the optics are to die for. And on top of it, it has good plot too. It's a story about a robot/human war and from what I seein these first issues , it is like Fixit Fic for BSGs stupid cylon "plan" plot.

Bitch Planet

A bit like Orange is the new Black, but set in a patriarchal dystopia, where women go to a prison planet if they don't conform to horrific stereotypes. I love it! It's made of win. And it made me cry at the end of the third issue. If I could only nominate only one thing this year it would absolutely be Bitch Planet.

So anyone up for throwing around recs (of course every cathegory is welcome)?