February 12th, 2016

Granny Tyrell

Up for politics?

So, the US elections are of course a somewhat academic occupation over here in Europe, but since we tend to co-suffer the consequences I'm always interested in knowing what things are looking from the other side of the pond.

Is there any republican that can be described as sane with a little good will? Will they really go for that senile sexist?

And on the democrat side, I guess it's all between Bernie and Hillary. I guess if there was no strategy involved, Bernie would be fun, but since the goal is to win the overall election I think I'd go with Hillary. Wouldn't Sanders getting the nomination be very likely resulting in a republican win? And in one of those freakshow candidates of theirs actually getting power over a nuclear arsenal?

I mean I trust Trump or Cruz about as much with an atom bomb as I trust Iran or Kim Jong Un.