January 2nd, 2016

Granny Tyrell


Happy new year you all! I am currently busy being amazed that it is no longer the year my son was born and watching him grow everyday. He's leveling up on a daily basis these days and is a pure bundle of joy (unfortunately he got his first cold for Christmas but he is soldiering on very bravely through the sniffles, the cute little guy).

On the book front I'm still getting in a lot more reading time and enjoying that a lot. I'm currently reading Jo Walton's "Half Penny", the second Inspector Carmichael installment. Highly recommended, but then so far I read nothing by her that I didn't enjoy immensely.

However, I really wanted to write this post to give a shout out to Ellen Kushner's Tremontaine. I already posted reviews of her Riverside series, which I love deeply. This new part of the series comes in very interesting publishing too. It is published by Serial box publishing and is sort of a book in TV-show formatting. A group of writers, with Ellen Kushner as the executive producer is writing weekly episodes, that can be purchased for $1.50 at the Serial box site. All in all there will be 13 episodes, so the total price ammounts to the price of a hardcover book. But, the whole thing comes in every format you could wish for, inlcuding a very well read audio book, read by a cast of actors. I cannot tell you, how lovely that is for me in my current state. I can play the audio on my cell as I walk the stroller. I can read it in the dark on my ipad, while I bring the little one to bed. Or I can just put it on my kindle. There is no DRM preventing me from putting me on every device I have. Just brilliant! That was what I was waiting to pay for! I also enjoyed EK's audiobooks, read by herself, but I ended up pirating them after I bought them, because I found Audible's restrictions so annoying. This on the other hand? Perfect!

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