December 10th, 2015

Granny Tyrell

Juli Zeh

I rarely fall in love with German authors for some reason, Juli Zeh however I can wholeheartedly recommend. She is made of pure brilliance. If you ever get the chance to read her, take it. Some of her books are available in translation, though her use of the German language is so amazing that I presume her texts suffer a bit in translation.

Her books are tough to categorise, I guess psycho-thriller could be a description. She writes very intense and complex characters and nothing in her books is every easily solved. In "Spieltrieb" she writes about two pupils who manipulate their surroundings, especially one of their teachers. In "Nullzeit" a diving teacher on Lanzarote is caught up in the psycho games of custumer couple. In "Schilf" a physicist is blackmailes into commiting the perfect murder.
In "Corpus Delicti" she writes about a totalitarian future, where people are forced to lead a healthy livestyle and her protagonist becomes an unlikely rebellion leader because of the depression that hits her upon the arrest of her brother.

She has also written several books with very smart political essays. Though her writings are usually chilling, she can also be very funny (reminds me a bit of Thomas Bernhard). The book I am currently reading is called "Treideln" and it's a letter novel about her writing process. Not something I'd usually read, but I read the first two pages in the book store and was laughing out loud.

In english available are "Gaming Insitinct" (Spieltrieb), "Dark Matter" (Schilf), "The Method"(Corpus Delicti), "Decompression" (Nullzeit) and Angels and Eagels (her first novel Adler und Engel, that I have not read yet.