August 23rd, 2015

Granny Tyrell

The Hugo Awards

Woke up early today, so I caught the last bit of the Hugo Award presentation in the live stream!

Wow, what a thorough kick in the teeth for the puppies! All their categories went to No Award. All the others had a winner and even Guardians of the Galaxy won and was not hurt by being a puppy nomine.

I personally liked Ancillary Sword better than TBP, which won the big one, but I'm absolutely happy with the result.

So, all the additional voters in the end were fandom rallying to defend the Hugos after all.

I'll be very excited to see the final voting numbers and all the nominations that were pushed off the ballot.

And here come the numbers:
Granny Tyrell

The Hugo that could have been

Most of all I feel that the puppies cheated us out of a damn good reading list, but now that the nomination numbers are out and the full list with the 15 most nominated stories is out, we can at least give some recognition to the authors that were cheated out of their spot on the ballot:

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