June 11th, 2015

Granny Tyrell


Are you watching yet? Because if not, you really need to start. This show is made of brilliance. it buils up slow and in the very beginning I was merely liking it but now that I'm 8 episodes in that is quickly turning into being blown away.

I love the characters! And I love how it all starts to come together now! How the emotional developments tie into the plot. It started out ok, but it is getting really remarkable now.

Since each of the eight connected people leads an individual life, it took quite some time to set things up believably and in the beginning some things were a bit clicheed, the US- police officer, the gay mexican telenovela star and so on, but as their stories continue, they and their emotional conflicts start to get more complex.

The only thing, I find a bit bewildering is how the different countries are portrayed. I don't know enough about Kenya or India to really tell, but Germany is a bit off. Wolfgang is supposed to be from the DDR, which seems to translate to the show as somehow russian/german. He has a somewhat russian surname. But that is a rather atypical constellation. Like in most ex-soviet states, the russian culture is not very present in former eastern Germany. There is no significant greek orthodox church and the russian mafia is not really that present either. It's all a bit weird, but not enough to throw me out of the story.

I really hope they get renewed. I guess filming in all the original locations must have been crazy expensive and the reviews are mixed. But this could be one of the next great shows. Deffinitely the thing I am most excited about this year.
Granny Tyrell

The sad puppy mess and Jim Butcher

I stayed away from this mostly, because I just found it pointless and upsetting and because no new points were made in the discussion.

However in the last few days there were some developments, which I found really disturbing.

Vox Day wanted to stir shit again on the day the Nebula's were anounced, so that the actual good stories this year wouldn't get any attention. By the way, has any one read the southern reach triology? I think I'll have a look at it.

He whined because Irene Gallo, a creative at Tor.com called him and his neo-nazi on her personal facebook, which considering that he's a Breivik fanboy is a very fair discription of his state of mind. It was business as usual until Tom Doherty came out to publically to apologize for Gallo and to appease the puppies.

How could this guy be so oblivious to what he was doing? He's playing into Beale's paws. He is enforcing exactly the kind of repressive climate that the puppies love so much, the one where women cannot speak up against sexism or racism, because it might harm their careers.

Also now, the puppies yell for her head on a pike (to see if he's stupid enough to grant that wish too, if they threaten a boycott) now with added favor from Gamergate, because a woman to harrass was what was missing in this affair to make it truly attractive for them and to the rest of the world Tor has lost a world of credit, especially since they did not bother to apologize for the employee who was harrassing women while representing the company. Ugh. Very smart.

And also this is the moment that Jim Butcher used to finally open his mouth in the affair, after quietly accepting the nomination for Skin Game from the puppies without any comment on the controversy, he has now spoken up on Eric Flint's blog.

Disappointingly he really is siding with the puppies, even if he is trying to moderate them. His point is that they should accept her apology and be done with it. Which would work, if we did not talk about unrepentant hate mongers here. Gallo made an accurate statement on her personal facebook page. She had nothing to apologize for and the only scandal is that here employer pressured her to apologize anyway, because god forbid a woman is outspoken about sexism and racism on the internet without fearing for her job.