March 19th, 2015


So many new and shiny things

There are several new interesting shows on and I thought I's write them up not to lose track of what I saw and would like to catch.

First of: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
This is the best comedy show, I saw in years!!! Everybody watch it! It's completely brilliant! I bingewatched the first season and I can't wait for more. How can one show be so funny and so endearing at the same time. And so absurd! Also who new John Hamm could be so funny?

Better call Saul

It's very pretty and also absolutely high quality tv, but nowhere near as enganging as Breaking Bad. It's kind of unfair that this show will forever be compared to it because those are awfully big shoes to fill. It is a very good show and I will deffinitely keep watching, but I can't say I am truly hooked.


Rob Thomas,Rob Thomas,Rob Thomas,Rob Thomas,Rob Thomas,Rob Thomas....finally!!!!
I have only been able to catch the first ten minutes of the show, but I already love it. The similarities with Veronica Mars are too big noot to love it. The Zombie heroine solves crime and does voice overs. I'll absolutely write more about it when I have seen the pilot but it looks very promising.


Have not seen it yet but it sounds very interesting. A bit like JMS Rising Stars which I loved a lot.


Speaking of JMS. Really looking forward to this one. I sounds a bit like Cloud Atlas became a tv show. I really hope netflix is going to show it here right away, like they did with Better call Saul and Kimmy Schmidt. Anyway 5th of June is still far away.

Any other secret new shows, that I should give a try?