December 5th, 2014



So, I read only a little about this whole hatchette vs amazon issue and it registered as the usual amazon evil. It's actually only now that I realized what I was missing because of it.

Have any of you read S. By J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst? I have no idea how that book passed me by for so long! Usually such a thing would instantly appear on my amazon recs. It came out already last year and it is amazing! Coolest idea ever.

First off, buying an e-book of this is a complete waste of time and money. This book is an experience you need to make with all senses. The book comes in a black sleeve and once you look inside you realize why it could not be any other way. The book is full of stuff! It's an old looking book, called "Ship of Theseus" with a library sticker on it. Inside you see that every page is filled with notes in different colours in the margins. Two people are having a conversation in the margins about the book and the mystery that surrounds it. Occasionally they also send each other things via the book, newspaper clippings, postcards letters, a napkin with a map on it, a decoder have to be really careful that the stuff stays in when you unpack it or it will be hard to put the full experience back together again.

This guardian article has several pictures of the book that give you an idea.

I have not fully read it yet, since you can't really wolf it down, with having to switch between the text of the book and the story in the margins and the differnt timelines involved. But from what I read so far, I have the impression that aside from a great idea it is also a really good book. So anyone read it yet? Or anyone up for reading it together and talking about the developments?