September 5th, 2014


history clean up and rape

Hello Flist,

I'm back from St. Petersburg, which really is a very very beautiful city. I started to reread "The Idiot" from Dostojewski there and while I already knew that I love the book, I somehow see a very different side to it now.

I'm using the German spellings of all the names here. They are different in English, but I am to lazy to look it up and they are not the original Russian anyway. In paralell to the book I have also read some comentary about it and what I find really really creepy is how that comentary traipses around the topic of Nastassja Fillipowna's past.

The book is old, obviously views on rape differ wildely from todays views but Dostojewski was a supperkeen observer of people.

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ETA: After much googling I found this summary that does absolutely get it:

But its rare and the mainstream stuff is avoiding the issues to an insane extent.