July 28th, 2014


Austria is degenerating to a point where I think I should really leave here...

Today, a group of punks was evicted from a house they were occupying in Vienna. Not such a big deal, you'd think. You might sympathize with sqatters, but expect that eviction had to occur at some point or think them just lazy and deserving of what they got.

Except this case is (as usual here) just completely out of bounds insane.

The punks were not occupying the lowest flour off this house in Vienna uninvited, they were part of an ongoing war, the owners were waging against long term tennants living there. The firm owning the house wanted to have it empty, so they could modernize it and rent the flats at the much higher rents you can ask in new flats in Vienna. So they started to terrorize the tennants with good contracts.

They put garbage in the hallways, they randomly built stuff and broke it down just to cause noise, they knocked at their door in the middle of the night to "talk about their contracts". They caused water damage or turned off the electricity.
Still, while most tennants fled the scene. Some remained.

To put on the last straw on their backs the firm invited a group of punks to live in the ground floor restaurant. Only they did not take into account that the punks quickly realized what was happening and teamed up with the remaining tennants. They named the restaurant Pizzaria Anarchia and henceforth shewed away any late night knockers from old ladies doors, kept the place nice and squatted there in harmony.

Today a 1700 (!!!) men strong police force evicted them. There were like 30 people in the house (the punks themselves and several sympathizers). There was a tank and a helicopter. All the punks did was throw eggs and shit at the police force. There was no actual violence. Yet my fucking tax money was used to help this fucking inhumane and evil firm to protect its assets with a fucking army, including a fucking tank!!!

I am so mad. What the hell are they thinking here? WHAT?