July 7th, 2014


The whole Hobby Lobby thing

This feels really weird from this side of the pond, because we are usually so used to feeling great about our socialist public health care systems when we hear about the poor USA citizens and how a medical bill can ruin a family.

But concerning contraception? No insurance pays for it here. I don't know about all nations in Europe, but in Austria, Germany and Finnland it's not covered. Of course the reason for it is not religious grounds, but more the sentiment that healthcare is a basic right that everyone is entitled too. But since contraceptives are not necessary to stay healthy (if they are, in cases of cramps or other reproductive health issues they are covered and most gynecologist will write you something so that you will get them for free this way) they are not covered, neither is in vitro fertilization.

I don't even find it so horrible, although I do find the reasoning of the US supreme completely icky. The religious feelings of the employer trump the ones of the women, who are working for them? It's sick. If they had argued that the pill is not a health requirement and consequently a luxury everybody should pay for themselves, ok. But this? Supertwisted.