July 2nd, 2014


American Gods

Should have no time to read should have not time to post. My thesis is sucking every last little bit of joy out of my life. But hey, tv...

I heard that American Gods is being produced as a tv show on Starz. I would be thrilled, I love the book...except...Starz. I mean they botched every single thing they got their hands on in the last few years. Torchwood, King Arthur, Pirates,...no matter what they cast plastic people for every role and use so much diffuser scrim that it becomes impossible to watch. Meh. i really hope they do a better job this time around.


I looked into this new show and its kind of a trainwreck. It's about the son of a fictive middle eastern dictatorship, who has left his family legacy behind to become a doctor in the USA. When he visits with his american family back for a wedding, his father dies and he feels obliged to help his brother, who is clearly not remarkably fit to be a ruler (he's modeled after the eldest Hussein Junior).

I think the premise of the show, or say the main conflicts are really interesting. Barry (yes, he calls himself Barry) wanted to leave the legacy of brutality behind and is very reluctant to go back, while his son is kind of fascinated by the power and riches his family has in fictive middle eastern country and feels attracted to the whole masculinity cult, which since he is gay could very quickly turn on him.

There are some interesting things there about power and corruption and that could make for a cool show, if it weren't for the trainwreck part. They absolutely should have set this show in a fully dictional setting like "Kings", then it might have gone somewhere. But this way its mainly a vehicle for a gazillion of stereotypes about middle eastern people, who in this show all speak English with an accent with each other. Seriously, what's wrong with subtitles?