September 26th, 2013



Watched SHIELD. I'm no longer on the whole all Joss Whedon writes is great bandwagon and I'm not big on traditional superhero stories so I wasn't expecting too much. And I didn't get too much. It's ok, had some funny moments but most of the actors were kinda blah. That rising tide girl looked like Eliza Doshku with less facial profile and I had trouble keeping the nerd and the square jaw agent apart when they stood close to each other. I hate this generic operated US faces...
Coulson was nice, same as in the movie and there were some neat lines but over all it was too generic for my taste. I guess I'll give it a few eps to develop but with so many really breathtakingly good shows at the moment, I will probably forget it if it doesn't get better.

Also watched the first three eps of Korra season two and they were so much fun. It's still not avatar but definitely working up to it.