August 16th, 2013


Illusions I had about gun laws

In Europe we tend to collectively shake our heads at US gunlaws but I just found out that at least in Austria we don't seem to be any better. The insane backgroundstory for this:

I wrote a few weeks ago, how radioactive material had gotten free through carelessness in the building I used to work in. Now The vice rector of the university and the fire department went looking for more surprizes in the cellar. So they went down there in protective gear against the radiation ... and they found a shooting range.

A large room directly beneath the audithorium was filled with old tires and other stuff, riddled with bullet holes and hundreds of empty cases were found. I didn't know that this room existed and neither did the official university, but  apparently a lot of people from the institute knew it was there.

It belonged to a Professor, who is retired now and who is easily the most disgusting person I ever met in my life. He routinely refers to women as cunts, sexually harrassed several male students (I know three first hand accounts) and this guy apparently went to around in my workspace with a rifle. Comforting thought, huh?

When I first heard of this, I figured that he would be in serious trouble now. Turns out he isn't. Apparently the police even knew of the shooting range, even if the university did not. This guy could bring his loaded guns to work and have at it in the cellar. I guess most people in the US can't say that they can do that. The university can maybe sue him for using a room that belonged to them privately (it's very unlikely that they even will do that), but at best he will get the same trouble as if he slept down there or something.

He will not even loose his permit, perfectly legal in Austria!