August 15th, 2013


Crazy random happenstances

Have you ever met a character you wrote? Because that just happened to me tonight. It was completely surreal.

I went to a fire performance of a friend of mine and she and her friend got burned during the show. This guy who was a fire performer himself (but had no show that evening) came up to help them with the burns and went for drinks with us afterwards.

And he was the exact carbon copy of a character I had written three years ago. His name was Ian (same as the characters), he looked almost exactly like I had imagined him (deep set blue eyes, bushy eyebrows, the cheekbones, the jaw, the nose, his size, built...everything), his hair was a bit darker and shorter. But that was it.

And the way he talked?!? My character was a bit of a roguish type and a pathological liar who gets bored very easily. And I of course can't tell if he lied to me, but, there was this typical thing some performance people do, where they switch from character to character and he did just that. All the time, just like my Ian.

Unfortunately I could not get to know him better, but I will have to see his show and talk some more to him on saturday. It was completely weird. I was sitting in front of a person I had made up three years ago. Totally crazy.